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How to get to the Club

The easiest way to get to the Klinic Kannabis Club is by car or taxi. But you can also take the public bus.

Travel time by car or taxi

  • Airport - 5 minutes
  • Puerto del Carmen - 10 minutes
  • Costa Teguise - 10 minutes
  • Playa Blanca - 30 minutes

Taxi resevervations

  • Airport: (+34) 928 520 176
  • Playa Blanca: (+34) 928 524222
  • Arrecife: (+34) 928 800 806
  • Haría: (+34) 982 835 368
  • Teguise: (+34) 928 524 223
  • Tías: (+34) 928 524 220
  • Puerto del Carmen: (+34) 928 524220
  • Yaiza/Playa Blanca: (+34) 928 524 222

Public bus

Please check the bus fares and time tables here.

What are the requirements to become a member?


  • You can fill out the Registration Form at the reception or the Pre-registration on the website. This way, your closing registration on the day of arrival will be done much faster and without waiting time.
  • You must be 18 years old
  • You must be a marijuana consumer (recreational or medical) (first-time users are not allowed)
  • You must present a valid National Identity Card or passport
  • You must pay the membership fee of 10 € (6 months) or 20 € (1 year) in cash or by credit card
What are your prices , do you have a price list?
  • We offer both short (6 months for 10 €) and long term (1 year for 20 €) membership plans.
  • As club policy
      We do not have prices on our website
      We will not send prices by email
      We do not communicate prices by telephone
  • All additional information is available directly at the club reception desk.
  • As a club member you can take advantage of all our benefits and quality products
  • You can check out our products in our Cannabis Club Menu
Do you show football matches?

We show all the matches of the Spanish Primera Division, as well as the most important matches of the German Bundesliga, the British Premier League and all the matches of the UEFA Champions League.

Free beer with every goal in...

  • Primera Division - Clasico (Madrid/Barcelona) every goal
  • Copa del Rey - for every goal scored by Barcelona
  • Copa del Rey - for every goal scored by Madrid
  • Champions League - for every Barcelona goal
  • Champions League - for every goal scored by Madrid
  • National team - for every goal scored by Spain
What are the advantages of being a member?

As a member of the Klinic Cannabis Club you can consume our cannabis products such as grass (weed), concentrates, oils, hashish, CBD products, liquid THC etc.) at the club. In addition to Medical (CBD) and Recreational (THC), our club offers a variety of activities:

At the Dragon Bar we offer breakfast, coffee, cappuccino, small snacks, meals and drinks for the hunger in between.

You are also welcome to use our pool table or register at one of our pool tournaments. For our video game freaks we have set up a special PlayStation corner that leaves.

Of course you can also just relax and chill out, smoke hash, weed or enjoy a vaporizer with your friends and make yourself comfortable on our sofas to watch a soccer game, a surf-, skate, action sports video or listen to music.

On top of that we regularly organize events with DJs, raffles and much more. Just drop by and see for yourself!

Can I pay with a credit-, debit card?
Yes of course, you can pay your membership fee and donations with a credit card.
Do you offer WIFI at your Club?

Yes, you can use WIFI in our installations. Just ask at the reception for the password. 


Klinic Cannabis Club
55 Calle Princesa Ico
35509 Playa Honda

+34 928 60 70 54

Daily open


Payment by credit and debit card
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