Recreational Cannabis (THC)

Klinic Cannabis Club offers one of the islands’s largest selections of marijuana strains (THC) for recreational use. Our goal is to ensure that each and every club member enjoys the best overall marijuana experience they can possibly have.

Whether you're a occasional user or connoisseur you will find our selection quite impressive, featuring over 20 strains to satisfy all tastes.

We pride ourselves with caring about our members offering a clean, healthy alternative in the world of marijuana social clubs. We also provide advise for members who are interested in furthering their knowledge on cannabis products.

If you have any questions about recreational marijuana, please contact us.


Smokapp aims to facilitate communication between administrators and members of the Klinic Cannabis Club.

We provide users who download the application with information about the legality of cannabis in Spain, news, new product announcements and club events.


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Klinic Cannabis Club
55 Calle Princesa Ico
35509 Playa Honda

+34 928 60 70 54

Daily open